Fish Mouth Spreaders

GALVESTON, TX—The Fish Mouth Spreader, a fishing tool, opens the mouth of the fish so that hooks are cleanly and easily disengaged from catches. It provides anglers with a simpler, neater system for hook removal that is hands-free for the fisherman while also more humane to the fish, especially for catch and release fishing. Compact, lightweight, and simple to use and operate, this affordably priced product can easily be transported.

The patent pending Fish Mouth Spreaders was invented by Pedro Alcocer of Galveston, TX. He said, “The Fish Mouth Spreaders eliminates the need to manually wrestle with tiny fish hooks just to remove them from the mouth of the fish. The user doesn’t experience smelly, scaly, slimy “fish hands” and doesn’t end up with injured fingers from hook points or fish bites. Also, the Fish Mouth Spreaders effectively prevent the needless mutilation of wildlife that is common to standard hook removal. Not only are anglers able to present a flawless catch, but the product offers more humane treatment of fish that are thrown back.”

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