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In the past we have had to get our information regarding fishing products, news and updates from pre-recorded shows, podcasts, or websites, which while practical at the time is now a way of the past. However, James Smith a North Carolina native and the Host and owner of Fish Bait Radio has changed this process by bringing you Fish Bait Radio, a fresh, new, down-home way to get the latest news and freshest products new to the market. Fish Bait Radio is not pre- recorded by any means. Fish bait Radio offers LIVE real time information about new products, tournament information and angler interviews. James has over 12 years in broadcasting and worked with television stations such as WCTI-TV 12 in NC, UPN-48 and ABC Networks as a master control operator and broadcast editor.
But it doesn’t stop there, in October of 2009 when James started the show as a source to advertise small upcoming tackle business he never thought it would be what it is today. James works with a wide variety of professional anglers from both FLW and the Bassmaster Elite trails, James has started small segments on Fish Bait Radio that are hosted by these anglers like the “Jigs-N-Pigs show” that is hosted with Bassmaster Elite angler Nate Wellman as well as “The Pros Corner” hosted by James and many FLW anglers such as Jim Campbell from Maryville,TN co angler in the FLW, Bo Cross from Tennessee FLW pro angler and the newest member Andrew Luxon a FLW co angler from the State of Kentucky. The Fish Bait Radio show has caught the eyes of many great tournament anglers that are willing to back the show and believe in what it is doing and where the show is headed.
James has opened the doors and made opportunities for the tournament angler to have their own voice, their own media source as a team. Jim Campbell, a co angler in the FLW and going pro soon is a key player on the Fish Bait Radio Pro Angler team; Jim heads up the team, fishes the tour and still does a lot of hands on at Fish Bait Radio. When Jim Campbell and James hit the air live it is like two friends that have been working with each other all their life, they make this show where fans tune in. From having other turning pros on as weekly guests, live on the water fishing reports during the show or having tackle stores live on air, telling the fans about hot sealing lures, at the same time keeping the show on both a professional level and local level but at all times making sure it stays on a family level.
Fish Bait Radio is catching the eyes of businesses as a source of live advertising and has already picked up some great product companies up that believe in what the Fish Bait Radio team is doing like McCoy Fishing Line and Rayjus Outdoors along with many others. The team has been responsible for getting accounts for the sponsors and also even getting their sponsors sales in Australia and other places. So be sure it is not the last that we here from Fish Bait Radio. Be sure to visit their web site at for live show information and the latest happenings, and if you are interested in Fish Bait Radio or the Pro Anglers Team contact them through their web site on the contact page or call James Smith at 865-233-6525. All angler inquires and sponsorships must go through Fish bait Media

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Mark Lassagne, born and raised in California is the creator of the popular, BASS ANGLER magazine. Mark a skillful professional angler, outdoor writer, promoter and top competitor on the western tournament circuits.


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