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New Contest, Bigger Prizes, & Fantasy Fishing Kick Off
 Exposed Contest

Contests & Big Prizes!

Fantasy Fishing entries are due Wednesday March 12!

Our all new Exposed Eligible Contest!

We’ve enhanced our prize packages for the 2014 Fantasy Fishing competition for both levels of memberships, if your feeling lucky and have not upgraded to an Elite member now is the time(see offer below for savings).   How would you like to go pheasant hunting with pro anglers, this prize is priceless and the pros who have been involved are asking to come back?  This season one of the four anglers to pick from is Mike McClelland, we are privileged to have him involved.

If you haven’t put your entries in for next week’s event don’t wait until the last minute.  You can add entries for all 8 events in one visit if you prefer, and change your picks up until competition day for specific events.

This is the first official announcement being shared with our members about ‘Exposed Eligible?’, our new contest that allows anglers to showcase their teaching abilities about the industry.   The Grand Prize winner of this event will earn a day of EXPOSED filming with Tim Horton, and be featured in the 2015 releases for the series.   This opportunity is the first of it’s kind, it allows an aspiring talent to prove to the industry their ability to market themselves and their knowledge.

Official ‘Exposed Eligible?’ Rules will be released next week but we encourage you to participate if you feel Exposed Eligible, get your merchandise ordered now and start creating.  Select our Elite Membership & FREE Eligible Tee Offer to save money and become eligible for both Grand Prizes in these two contests.

Eligible Video Submissions will begin June 1, 2014.




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