David Davis and His Fishing Story

We were at Rodman’s Reservoir fishing out of our 2 seater john boat.  We were fishing with shiners and the trash fish were hitting all of our bait and we were running out.  My son Christopher said to me “you can always tell if its a Gar fish because they always take the cork down really slow.”  As soon as he said that, my cork slowly went down and my son said “just like that, let him swallow the dang thing”.  Expecting another trash fish she started swimming towards the boat. When it got almost directly under the boat I set the hook and fought the fish in.  She was peeling my drag so I knew she was big, but I did not expect the surprise I got when my son and I pulled a 10lb 5oz Largemouth Bass out of the water.

I was using a Bass Proshop Extreme bait caster on a E21 Carrot stick rod.


The bass was released after a few pictures.




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