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2013 Winter Issue

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In this and every issue, we take you on an adventure discovering the science of bass, seasonal patterns, how-to tips, new techniques and an unbiased look at how the top pros locate and catch fish.

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Winter 2012 (Vol. 21 Issue )The water is cold, but the action is hot if you know where to go and what to do. In this issue, you can catch 30 articles with some of the best in the bass biz including KVD, Terry Bolton, Brandon Card, Mark Menendez and Mike Iaconelli to name only a few. Our cover angler is Gerald Swindle and to kick off the bass tactics, the G-Man jumps into his junk fishing strategy. But that’s not all. Want to learn long lining? How about shaky fishing with Aaron Martens? Or, what about the float ‘n’ fly with the smallmouth guru? That’s only a fraction of what the winter issue has to offer. BASS ANGLER brings you tried and true techniques that will last a lifetime – it is the magazine than never expires!

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Vance McCullough St Johns River Destination
Aaron Lesieur Hypothermia Information
David Swendseid Boat Project X Intro Information
David Swendseid What is JDM Information
Jody Only Top Stick Pick DIY Camo your line Information
Marc Marcantonio Way Points Made Easy Part II Information
PJ Pahygiannis Lures Not Designed for Bass Information
Richard Ziert How Low Water Affects Bass Information
Rob Bryant Take a Beginner Fishing Information
Robert Taylor Boat Storage Check List Information
Vance McCullough Pro’s Tech Tips KVD Hooks Information
Jody Only Bass with Ben Spies Lifestyles
Colby Simms Winter Blues Destinations Season Specific
Jody Only Gerald Swindle Junk Fishing Season Specific
Jody Only Unlocking Wintertime Bass with Ike Season Specific
Jody Only Winter Tips with Iaconelli Season Specific
Jody Only Winter Transition with John Murray Season Specific
Mike Frisch Winter Bass through the Ice Season Specific
Robert Taylor Avoiding the Frost Season Specific
Tim Tipton Wintertime Crankbaits with Mark Menendez Season Specific
Tim Tipton Wintertime Secrets with Terry Bolton Season Specific
David Swendseid Shakey Fish with Aaron Martens Technique Specific
Jody Only A Rig part II Technique Specific
Jody Only Dart Heads with Charlie Technique Specific
Jody Only Jointed Swimbait Alee-Baby Technique Specific
Jody Only Swimbait Rigging Part III Technique Specific
Tim Tipton Float ‘n’ Fly for More Winter Bass Technique Specific
Vance McCullough Long Lining with Brandon Card Technique Specific
Jody Only Tournament Circuit Tournament Trail
John Warren The Confidence Mantle Tournament Trail
Larry Morris Young Guns Tournament Trail
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