Winter 2012

2012 Issue 1 Info (Issue number change for 2012 Spring is now #1 and winter is #4)

BASS ANGLER Magazine is a MUST-HAVE TOOL for bass anglers of all levels.

Published quarterly, BASS ANGLER Magazine provides more information than any other bass fishing magazine. Each issue has an astounding 30+ articles exploring the best in: how-to’s, seasonal tactics, destinations and the most current trends in bass fishing, helping all anglers catch more fish.

Over 100 fishing tips in every issue!

Winter 2012 (Vol. 21 Issue #1)This issue of BASS ANGLER features Maj. Cody Roberson of Army Bass Anglers. “BAM continues to amaze the fishing community with another batch of 30-plus new, different and great feature articles. Prepare for the winter with specialized clothing and see how the pros stay warm. Tailor Smith gives some simple techniques to help you win your next tournament. Greg Hackney and Sonar let you know it’s okay to flip your way through winter, Dave Wolak and John Crews crank through the cold. But, that is not all. You will also learn the ins and outs of a football jig, how to fix your livewell pump, how to fish a winter spoon, which is better the Power Pole or Talon, if the fish you release have a warning scent, what confidence means from the man that wrote the book, how to fish a flutter spoon with Charlie Weyer, what KVD says about becoming a pro and that’s not even half of what you’ll find in this winter issue.”

Pick up a copy today and see why BASS ANGLER Magazine is the finest bass fishing publication available.


Here is a list of article included in the 2011 Winter Issue*

Anything But Simple by Tailor Smith
Kissimmee Florida by John Felsher
Sleeping Giants by Chris Jenkins
Getting Organized by Glenn Walker
Flutter Spoon with Charlie Weyer by Jody Only
Tool Time by Aaron Lesieur*
Shallow Winter with Dave Wolak bu Jud Browder
Get Pumped by James Nelson
Angler up Close with Cody Roberson
Know the Rules Fish & Game by Aaron Lesieur
Stop the Bleed by Bill Siemantel*
Getting Sponsored Part III by Brain Adams
Catch and Release by Mary Syrett
Wintertime Crankbaits by Will Petty
Dee Thomas by Derrek Stewart
SWEPCO Winter Wonder Lake by Bdar Weigman
Winter Fitness Tips by Troy Linder
Cold Water Spooning by Darl Black
Bob Izumi by Jonathan LePera
Bass Tales Part III by Aaron Lesieur
Trout Eaters of Winter by Matt Peters
Angler up Close with Johnny Walker
Bait Fish Movement by Bill Kohls
Power Pole vs Talon by Scott McGehee
Cold Weather Clothing by Allen Teer
Football Head Jig by Mark Fong
Shallow Winter Bass by Mile “Sonar” Burghoff
Becoming a Pro by John Felsher
Fishing with Confidence by John Mark Warren
Getting to Know the Mad Fisherman by Aaron Lesieur
Putting on the Miles by Josh Douglas
Gifts for Anglers bu Jody Only
Cold Temps Hot Bass by Chad Morgenthaler
When Bait Fish Die by Colby Simms
Winter Flipping with Greg Hackney by Vance McCullough
Recovering After a Bad Day by Jim Novotny*
Glen Walker Tackle Tips
Charlie Weyer Flutter Spoon
Bill Kohls Follow the Bait



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