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BAM 2013 Summer Cover (low res)2013 Summer Issue #2

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Summer 2013 (Vol. 22 Issue #2) summertime means covering water tossing topwater and fishing heavy vegetation. In this issue, you will learn a lot: follow Ike with his Summer D.T.C plan, punch with Charlie, flip craws with Crews, cover the current with Terry Bolton, throw a frog with Chris Lane.

The fishing doesn’t stop there. You will learn spinnerbait tricks, buzzbait tricks, late Summer patterns, night fishing and that’s only the beginning. BASS ANGLER brings you tried and true techniques you need – it is the magazine that works as hard as you do!

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Here is a sneak peek into the articles that will be featured in the summer issue.


Writer Topic 2013 Summerr Category
Aaron Lesieur  Summer Sun Information
Aaron Lesieur  Lowrance Electronics Information
Bret Richardson Stealth Night Fishing Seasonal Tactic
Chad Morgenthaler Shallow Summer Bass Seasonal Tactic
Colby Simms Tackling Summer Bass Season Specific
Darl Black Late Summer Top Water Seasonal Tactic
Glen Walker Summer Pad Fishing Season Specific
James Nelson George Kramer Life Styles
Jody Only DIY Pro Tip Culling Keeper Information
Jody Only Fishing a Jointed Swimbait Technique Specific
Jody Only Four Key Swimbait Tricks Technique Specific
Jody Only Frogging with Chris Lane Seasonal Techniques
Jody Only Ike’s Hook Mods Information
Jody Only John Crews Flippin & Pitching Heavy Cover Seasonal Techniques
Jody Only Late Summer with Alton Jones Technique Specific
Jody Only On the Road Again with Kevin Stewart Tournament Trail
Jody Only Punching with Charlie & Brian Seasonal Techniques
Jody Only Yamamoto – Behind the Scenes Information
Jody Only Spinnerbaits with Dick Watson Technique Specific
Jody Only Summer with Ike Seasonal Techniques
Jody Only Umbrella Rigs (Frenzy – Basstronics) Technique Specific
John Felscher  Canopy Bass Season Specific
John Felscher  Summer Finesse Season Specific
John Warren Confidence and Emotions Tournament Trail
Josh Douglas Beating Pressure with Versatility Information
Mark Fong Why Bass Clubs Information
Nate Zelinsky Rip Rap Information
PJ Pahygiannis Potomac River Destination
Richard Ziert Algae Bloom Information
Richard Ziert Bass of a Different Color Information
Rob Bryant Flippin Time with James Niggemeyer Season Specific
Robert Taylor The Fogotten Ones Information
Robert Taylor Jvan Marine Veteran Season Specific
Tim Tipton Dog Days of Summer Seasonal Techniques

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