Summer 2012

2012 Summer Issue #3

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Summer 2012 (Vol. 21 Issue #3)Get ready for some hot summer actionwith B.A.S.S. Elite angler and Classic champion Mike Iaconelli. Mike walks us through his five favorite baits, Burnie Schultz instructs us on how to fish the thick, matted grass for giant bass, Mark Menendez continues on with a great lesson on ledge fishing, Mark Zona shows us how to locate schools of smallmouth bass and that’s only a fraction of what this issue has to offer.  Don’t miss out on this issue of BAM!

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Writer Topic 2012 Issue #3 Category
Brian Adams Angler Marketing A View from the Top Tournament Trail
Jody Only Bass Rankings Tournament Trail
Jody Only Boat Contingency Programs Information
Jody Only Building a Swimbait Information
Josh Douglas Catch Summer Bass Seasonal Tactics
Jody Only Colored Lenses Information
Joe Bucher Finesse Tubes Technique Specific
Vance McCullough Flippin with Bernie Schultz Technique Specific
Dan Johnson AUC Gary Dobyns Life Styles
Jody Only How to Rig a Swimbait Technique Specific
Jody Only Iaconelli’s Best Baits Information
Darl Black In the Boat With Mark Zona Life Styles
Mark Fong Innovative Hooks and Their Uses Information
Jud Browder Interview with Dean the Machine Information
Aaron Lesieur Keratosis and You Information
Dan Johnson AUC Kurt Dove Life Styles
Tim Tipton Ledge Fishing with Mark Menendez Information
Matt Howerton Locating Summertime Bass Seasonal Tatics
Robert Taylor Night Fishing for Bass Seasonal Tatics
Jessie Martin Osoyo Lake, Mexico Destination
Ryan Tomaschtik Reducing Fishing Waste Information
Ray Groves Science of Bass Part I Information
John Warren Summer Confidence Information
Glen Walker Summer Smallies Seasonal Tactics
Tim Tipton Summertime at Guntersville Destination
Brad Weigmann Table Rock Lake Destination
Jody Only The Sun Shade Barrier Information
Richard Ziert The Thermocline Information
Jody Only Twitch a Jointed Swimbait Technique Specific
Aaron Lesieur What a Bass can See Part II Information


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