Spring 2012

2012 Spring Issue 2 Info

BASS ANGLER Magazine is a MUST-HAVE TOOL for bass anglers of all levels.

Published quarterly, BASS ANGLER Magazine provides more information and fewer ads than any other bass fishing magazine. Each issue has an astounding 30+, exclusive articles exploring the best in: how-to’s, seasonal tactics, destinations and the most current trends in bass fishing, helping any angler catch more fish.

Every issue guides you to more bass!

Spring 2012 (Vol. 21 Issue #2)This issue of BASS ANGLER features world record holder Manabu Kurita and his story. Continuing with another batch of original feature articles, BAM gets ready for spring with pointers from Mike Long and Jimmy Houston to help you become a better angler; but that is only the beginning. In this issue, you can also toss swimbaits with Matt Allen and Matt Newman, see Casey Ashley and the Rockin’ Fisherman in action on your smart phone, learn a new buzz bait trick from Bernie Scholtz and see his video, catch big spots with Tom Mann, get spooked by Charlie Campbell, learn how to fish a new lake, find out exactly what a bass can see and much, much more with another 20+ great articles.

Pick up a copy today and see why BASS ANGLER Magazine is the finest bass fishing publication available. Visit www.bassanglermag.com for more information.



Here is a list of the articles for the 2012 Spring print edition of Bass Angler Magazine

Bill Kohls Your Practice Lake Information
Chris McDonald Square Bill Crankbait Technique Specific
Colby Simms International Fishing Trip Information
Glenn Walker The Follow Up Technique Specific
James Nelson Parker Strip Arizona Destination
John Felscher Fishing a New Lake Information
John Warren Confidence to Go Information
Josh Douglas Iced Out Bassin Season Specific
Jud Browder Becoming a Better Angler with Jimmy Houston Information
Mark Fong Multimedia Bass Tournament Trail
Matt Allen Spring Time Swimbaits Technique Specific
Nick Barr On the Road with Brandon Palaniuk Tournament Trail
Richard Ziert Shallow Bass Information
Rob Bryant On the Rebound Tournament Trail
Tim Tipton Kentucky Lake Destination
Will Petty Spotted Bass with Tom Mann Season Specific
Darl Black Zara Spook with Charlie Campbell Technique Specific
Aaron Lesieur Nest Raider Season Specific
David Swendseid World Record Bass Lifestyle
Vance McCullough Buzzing with Bernie Technique Specific
Jody Only Swimbaits with Matt Newman Technique Specific
Aaron Lesieur What a Bass Can See Information
Dan Johnson AUC Angler Up Close Clark Wendlandt Lifestyle
Dan Johnson AUC Angler Up Close Mike Stahlman Lifestyle
Jody Only Floating Islands Information
Jody Only Mile Long Bass Records Information
Jody Only Casey Ashley Livin the Dream Lifestyle
Jody Only Rockin Fisherman Brian Schram Lifestyle
Jody Only Soft Plastic Jerk baits Technique Specific
None American Inspiration Lifestyle
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