Fall 2012

2012 Fall Issue #3

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Fall 2012 (Vol. 21 Issue #3) As the water cools the action gets hot with fall favorites from seven Bassmaster Elite pros. Our cover angler, Ish Monroe shows us his fave five go-to lures. You will also get fall cranking, micro swimbaits, umbrella rigs, waypoint setup and late season thermocline then Mark Menendez shares his secret to success and this only a fraction of what this issue has to offer. Don’t miss out on this issue of BAM! You cannot afford to fish without it!

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Here are the articles in the Fall Issue

Writer Topic 2012 Issue #4
Aaron Lesieur Are Fish Line Shy?
Brian Adams When Passion Become healing
Chad Morgenthaler The Pressure of Fall Fishing
Colby Simms Fall Fishing Vacation
Darl Black In the Boat with Jimmy Houston
David Swendseid Japan’s Boy’s of Biwa
Glen Walker Thinking Shallow for Fall Bass
James Nelson Micro Swimmers and More Bass
Jody Only Behind the Scenes / Blade Runner
Jody Only The Future of Flippin
Jody Only Top Stick Pick – Swimbait Storage
Jody Only Fall Cranking with Bryan Thrift
Jody Only Swimbait Rigging Tips Part II
Jody Only Ish Monroe’s Five Go To Baits
Jody Only Jointed Swimbait Series Part II
Jody Only The A-Rig Part I
John Felscher The Best Christmas Ever
Josh Douglas The Next Generation Angler
Ken McBroom Plan a Kayak Fishing Trip
Marc Marcantonio Way Points Made Easy Part I
Mark Fong Cranking with David Fritz
Michael Dove A Day on the Lake
Mike Frisch Going Green for More Bass
Paul Beel Back to Basics Plastic Worm
Richard Ziert Thermocline Part II
Tim Tipton How to Fish a Stream Fishing
Tim Tipton How Four Elite Attack Fall Bass Fishing
Tim Tipton Fall Smallmouth Fishing
Tyler Brinks Pre Fish With an Elite Pro
Vance McCullough Multiple Casts with Mark Menendez
Will Petty Current the Silent Killer
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