Fall 2011

Bass Angler Magazine Fall 2011

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Fall 2011 (Vol. 20 Issue #4)Within this issue of BASS ANGLER you’ll find Fred Roumbanis’ journey to the Elites, how-to’s on fishing a jerkbait and trolling for bass, the meaning of moon phases, information on how the bass’ sense of hearing effects the catch rate, the secrets of scent effectiveness, Jeff Kriet on lipless crankin, big bass bitin’ small swimbaits, what to look for in late season topwater and much more.

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Writer Topic 2011 Issue #4 Category
Aaron Lesieur Fish Tales – Can Your Hear Me Information
Aaron Lesieur Fishing for you dream job Life Styles
Colby Simms Trolling for Bass Techniques
David Paul Williams Handford Reach Destination
David Swendseid Fluorocarbon Advantage Information
David Swendseid What Happened to Me Life Styles
Jeff Bruhl Louisiana Delta Destination
Jody Only Finding Fall Bass with a Shakey head Season Specific
John Felsher Jimmy Houston Life Styles
Josh Douglas Fall River Smallies Season Specific
Jud Browder Lipless Cranking with Jeff Kriet Techniques
Ken McBroom Fall Finesse Fishing Season Specific
Mark Fong Late Season Topwater Season Specific
Richard Ziert Deep Bait Information
Brent Becker Scent Effectiveness Information
Brian Adams Getting Sponsored Part II Tournament Trail
Chad Morgenthaler Fall Bass Fishing Season Specific
Dan Johnson AUC Ish Monroe Life Styles
Dan Johnson AUC Teri Cedric Life Styles
George Roth Live Your Dreams Life Styles
Glen Walker Fall Spinnerbaits Season Specific
James Nelson Jig & Worm Techniques
Jeff Waters X Without Electronics Information
Kirk Rossi Co Angler Math Tournament Trail
Larry Morris Lady Bass Angler Tournament Trail
Marc Marcantonio Fall Cranking Season Specific
Marty Henrikson Patagonia Lake, Arizona Destination
Mary Syrett Moon Phase Information
Matt Allen Fall Swimbaits Season Specific
Nick Barr X Enviromental Information
Rob Bryant Smart Boat Buying Information
Sean Stafford Jerkbaits Techniques
Steve Reed Fred Roumbanis Life Styles
Taylor Smith Simple Wins Tournament Trail
Valorie X Save the Manatee Information
Will Petty Fall Tidal Bass Season Specific
Zach Meredith X HDS Structure Scan Information
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