Cruzin is revolutionizing the boating industry, officially launching America’s leading Boater-to-Boater™ rental marketplace, nationwide. Now, owners of boats of all sizes – from small fishing boats up to sailing yachts – can charter out their vessels directly to other experienced boaters. With Cruzin, owners can offset their month’s boat ownership costs with just a day or two of chartering. Experienced boaters who are traveling, want to try out a different boat, or currently don’t own a boat, can rent out boats all over America simply and securely via Cruzin’s website,

“Cruzin is changing boating,” said Captain Bob Hamilton of Trawler School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Now owning a boat can help pay for its costs. Many people would like to charter their boats, but can’t because of the high costs of chartering, like the insurance, towing, finding customers and all that. With Cruzin’s program your boat is covered by their insurance and towing during the charter, and they bring you the customers.”

Cruzin makes boater-to-boater charters simple and secure, providing the most comprehensive coverage in the peer-to-peer market. Cruzin supplies $1,000,000 in hull and liability insurance for both owners and renters from one of the world’s top marine insurers, a world-class A+rated firm. The security of BoatUS towing service is provided with every rental as well. With the most comprehensive user screening in the market, Cruzin has a highly effective two-step renter pre-qualification process protecting both boat owners and renters. Each potential renter receives an ID and fraud-prevention check through Experian followed by a check of boating qualifications and past driving and insurance issues. All renters in the Cruzin program have at least two years of boating experience. Cruzin provides owners and renters the information and pre-screening they need to come together for safe, enjoyable charter experiences.

“The high quality of the boater-to-boater charter experience is very important to us. We’ve worked hand in hand with marine industry experts to develop Cruzin specifically for boaters,” said Jaclyn Baumgarten, Cruzin co-founder and CEO. “The internet platform allows Cruzin to reach a wide audience while keeping the experience a personal one. Boat owners and renters get the opportunity to engage and get comfortable with each other prior to meeting at the boat for the handoff. Cruzin is building a community of boaters even before they get out on the water. It’s likely that satisfied renters will return to the same boat and new friendships will develop, making the boats and boating the center of that growing community. Cruzin is bridging the gap between the virtual social network and the real social network that has existed in boating for a very long time.”

Cruzin was developed and founded by boaters, for boaters. Co-founder Mark Harrison is an experienced blue water sailor. Jim Frye, vice president of operations, is a 30-year marina expert and president emeritus of the Association of Marina Industries. Partnered with Westrec, the largest marina owner and operator in the world, Cruzin is launching at their marinas across the US and has been operating a pilot program in Florida over the past several weeks, receiving very positive customer feedback.

“Cruzin makes boating more accessible,” said Bill Anderson, Westrec Marinas president. “We are always seeking ways to improve the quality of our boaters’ experience at the marina and beyond. We’re working with Cruzin to help introduce our boaters to this peer-to-peer platform so that they can get the most out of their boats. In many cases, one can offset the cost of a month’s storage with just one or two day’s rental. That helps make boating more affordable for our customers and adds value to their experience with Westrec Marinas.”

Jay Buford, a lifetime boater, thinks Cruzin helps expand the regions where one can boat. “Cruzin offers a nationwide fleet to choose from and opens up boaters to new destinations. Now, boaters can rent boats across the country and boat owners can make some money back on their investment in a boat. With the introduction of Cruzin, I plan to buy a boat and rent it out through the program. With the insurance policy in place, I can trust that my boat will be safe.”

Andy Helfan, who grew up boating in Florida, says Cruzin is bringing him back into boating. “As a previous boat owner and someone who is getting back into boating, Cruzin provides me a great opportunity to get back on the water inexpensively and hassle-free. This is super convenient for me because all the challenges I had as a boat owner don’t exist when I rent from Cruzin. This is just like having multiple friends with different boats and now I have the option to pick which boat I want, when I want it.”

“The process is a breeze, I was done in a few minutes and had a confirmation almost immediately,” continued Helfan. “The dashboard kept me informed in real time throughout the process. I will absolutely use this program again.”

Cruzin represents a paradigm shift in the way people will think about and get engaged in the boating lifestyle. It’s safe, easy and fun, just the way that boating was meant to be.

Contact Cruzin, 850 NE 3rd St., Suite 206 A, Dania Beach, FL 33004. 415-940-8199;,




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