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In this issue, Aaron Martens reveals his 12 best spring tips, Cody Meyer shows you how to get more and bigger spotted bass, Mike Iaconelli gets a little IKE with a technique for each phase of the spawn, John Crews shows you how to adapt and Kurt Dove and James Niggemeyer talk strategies for changing spring weather.

It doesn’t stop there. We go punchin’ with Fletcher Shryock and buggin’ with Tommy Biffle. Plus, we have 25 more informative articles that are sure to add more bass to your livewell. This issue also contains 10 scannable videos.

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Writer Topic 2014 Spring Category
Aaron Lesieur Threadfin Shad Information
Bret Richardson Springtime Night Fishing Seasonal
Dan O’Sullivan Buggin – With Tommy Biffle Techniques
Darl Black Jerking Springtime Smallies Seasonal
Dave Ruckdeschel In the Mind of a Co-Angler Tournament
David Swendseid JDM Lure Design Information
David Swendseid Spybaiting Japanese Style Techniques
Ethan Dhuyvetter The Lighter Side = More Bites Techniques
Glenn Walker Springtime Tubing Tubes Techniques
Jody Only Before and After with Navionics Information
Jody Only Cody Meyer Spring Spots Seasonal
Jody Only DIY Pro Tip – Make a Punching Weight Information
Jody Only Gary Klein Old and New Spring Seasonal
Jody Only IKE – Out of the Norm Pre Spawn Seasonal
Jody Only IKE – Out of the Norm  Spawn Time Seasonal
Jody Only IKE – Out of the Norm Post Spawn Seasonal
Jody Only John Crews – Seasonal Early and Late Seasonal
Jody Only Lithium Batteries with Ish Monroe Information
Jody Only Aaron Martens Locate Spring Bass Seasonal
Jody Only Punching with Fletcher Shyrock Seasonal
Jody Only Sight Fishing with Scott Martin Techniques
Jody Only Subtle Differences / Square bill Techniques
John Felscher The Inspiring Angler Clay Dyer Lifestyle
Josh Douglas Setting the Stage for Spawn Seasonal
Ken McBroom Patoka Smallies Destination
Dove/Niggemeyer How Bass React to Changing Weather Seasonal
Mark Lassagne Fishing Rods Part I Information
Rob Bryant Hiring a Guide Information
Scotty Peterson Springtime Sticks – Mike McClelland Seasonal
Tim Tipton Destination Laurel River Destination
Travis Perret Springtime Dock Patterns Seasonal




2014 Spring 10-11 copy

Bottom Buggin’ looks more complicated than it really is, and as Biffle explained, people tend to make assumptions that complicated it. “Most people look at it and think that there’s a trick to fishing it,” he said. “They think they need to fish it slow like a jig, or shake it and that’s not it at all.  They just need to cast it out and reel it.”

2014 Spring 17 copy

“I was born with no legs past the hips, half an arm on my right side and no arm past my shoulder joint on my left side,” Clay explained. “I didn’t lose my limbs to an accident or a disease. I never had limbs so I don’t know what I’d do if I had them. God blessed me with the strength to fight through every adversity and obstacle that I face each day.  I count it as a blessing to live this way.”

2014 Spring 20 copy

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Fletcher Shryock has punched his way from one end of the country to the other.  Following up a punch fest on the California Delta with another on the Big O in Florida, Shryock shared his tips for success at punch time.

2014 Spring 42 copy

Several years ago an ultra finesse technique was refined on Lake Biwa in Japan. When Spybaiting broke, Takashi-san became one of the first professionals to leak the exciting news.

2014 Spring 54-55 copy

When the water starts to warm most anglers begin their bout with spring fever and the annual ritual of searching for giant pre spawn and bedding bass. For Meyer, it is no different.  As the springtime presents itself, he is often on the hunt for big spotted bass. As he breaks down the three phases of the spawn, he correlates his baits to each one.

2014 Spring 64 copy

Preparing for a tournament is one of the most effective activities a co-angler can do for a successful day. For most, catching a limit without losing a critical fish is a tremendous success.  Preparation time has the greatest impact on how the tournament day will go. Every fishing trip is different; however there are certain items that will help make a successful trip. . .

2014 Spring 66 copy

The spring is prime time for loading the boat with big bass, but it’s also a period of volatile weather and great extremes in conditions. In between Elite Series events,  we both guide on some of the best lakes in Texas – Kurt on Amistad and James on Fork –but just like any weekend tournament angler we’re often confronted with instability that makes things tough.

2014 Spring 76-77 copy

“You hire a guide primarily to catch fish,” said Morris, “but also to learn new techniques, whether it be throwing topwaters, cranking, fishing a jig or worm, or just about anything else.”  On his guided trips, Morris often spends considerable time teaching as well as putting his clients on fish. “They like to learn about my electronics, see what equipment I use, and ask lots of questions concerning structure, cover, lures and so much more,” he added. “It basically boils down to me giving them one on one instruction.”

2014 Spring 96 copy

Masahiro Adachi’s designs were first noticed in the early 90s.  Mr. Adachi shocked the lure world with engineering of his lures geared to hit long-range targets while maintaining innovative swimming motion.  This focus point paid off.  With over 23 years of recognition, the famed Adachi has remained one the top contracts in his land.  His talent begins with a thought.  He dreams each design with near spiritual inspiration.  Adachi developed a practice to seek out lure action by studying the attributes of a lively bait fish. He has taken this very seriously.

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