Seasonal Bass Fishing: Tips For Different Times Of The Year

The general consensus is that bass will bite at any time during the course of a day, but the first and last light of the day (dawn and dusk) are prime times. Bass are most active in cool water between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, which means spring and fall are the best seasons to catch them. […]

Fall Froggin’

Frost on the pumpkin doesn’t mean it’s time to put the frogs away. Late fall is a great time to catch bass on hollow body frogs, and here’s advice from the best fishing pros in the business on getting the most out of your autumnal amphibian angling. Elite pro Zell Rowland is well known as […]

Jason Christie’s Summer Lure Selection

You’re not the only one sweating this time of year; the bass are just as warm and seeking refuge in cooler oases, namely, deeper water. Speaking of hot things, Elite Series pro Jason Christie is darn near on fire. With two major wins under his belt for 2013, he’s made the biggest splash in bass […]

From Bass Boats to Hot Rods – Phillp Mazzi gets it done

Philip Mazzi, lead mechanic at C&C Marine’s Citrus Heights store, is without a doubt, a master of his craft, wholly dedicated to ensuring that any bass boats under his care is repaired and returned to the customer in better shape than when it arrived. But while Phillp is dedicated to his craft – as it […]

Peacock Bass Experiences in Puerto Rico

What I did on my summer vacation this July?  I accomplished one of my bucket list wishes worthy of talking about.  I went Peacock Bass fishing in Puerto Rico. There are over eight impoundment’s scattered through Puerto Rico where peacock bass are considered the primary game fish. You should do better than 40 fish a […]

Feeling Froggy

Here you will need all the power your rod can give you. Teamed with the 6:3 to 1 reel for a little extra power you will be able to set the hook and skip the fish across the mat or pin it to the canopy allowing you to go in and get her with your boat. I only use 65 lb. Power Pro braided line when frog fishing. I am not sponsored by Power Pro but I believe they make the best braid on the market.

Find a Fishing Pattern That Fits

Find a Pattern That Fits By Andy ‘Cooch’ Cuccia Springtime bass fishing on the California Delta can be nothing short of exhilarating.  The opportunity to catch a double-digit fish of a lifetime is greatly enhanced when the big hens of the river move shallow to spawn.  This river system can appear to be seemingly endless […]

Locating Springtime Bass with Online Maps from Fishidy

But how do you plan your outing? Where can you find fishing hot spots on your body of water ripe with spawning activity? What are some of the techniques being used by the experts? Should I be throwing a crankbait? A jerkbait? Maybe slow-rolling a spinnerbait? Shallow or deeper water? The answers lie with online, interactive fishing maps and mobile app technology brought together by Fishidy.

Gizzard Shad In Roosevelt Lake Arizona

Article from Roosevelt lake is the upper most and largest in a series of four reservoirs on the Salt River. The Bureau of Reclamation constructed Roosevelt Dam in 1911 forming Roosevelt lake. At full capacity it is approximately 22 miles long with 91 miles of shoreline; its maximum depth is over 300 feet and […]

Clear Lake, CA – A Lake for All Seasons

Clear Lake is that despite its status as one of the nation’s premier bass fisheries, it is still quite accessible from major cities. From San Francisco, it takes about 2 ½ hours to get to the 6th Street launch ramp in Lakeport.

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