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Here is a short sample from a spring article in Bass Angler Magazine’s latest issue

I look for protected flats in three to five-feet of water,” he answered. Once I find a flat, I’ll find the edge that breaks into deep water; then, I’ll probe it with Damiki Abyss 90 Jerkbait and a DC 200 medium diving crankbait. I know other baits will work fine; however, I’ve worked with Damiki for a few years now and have really perfected these baits to where they are my go-to baits.”

Bryan Thrift went on to say he doesn’t care if the flat is to the north, south, east or west, the key is that it is protected. “I’ve caught ’em many times where other anglers aren’t looking,” said the FLW pro. “Experiment – If the flat has a creek or a drain, I’ll concentrate on that area first.


Many anglers are fishing deeper, outside edges and ledges, but I go shallow, because the bigger, post spawn bass will be feeding on the shad and bluegill that are now spawning,” Thrift continued. “Look for protected areas where the bass were spawning. Shad are pretty easy to spot – look for surface activity and work a topwater or trap style bait through the activity. When I can’t find them shallow, I will be skipping docks and especially pontoon boats. Skipping takes some practice. My two favorite skipping baits are the Damiki Mamba Jig and the Stinger.”

If these different approaches seem simple and straightforward it’s because they are. If you ever talk with Bryan you’ll notice his simple and direct answers to your questions. Though this may not work for everyone and every situation Bryan has proved time and time again it surely works for him. If you like this kind of info we have a ton more in each and every issue

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No ? then we can help can help.  I know we hear it all the time… I already get a bass magazine I don’t need another one, I don’t read magazines, I don’t have time, bla, bla bla.  The cold hard facts are, bass fishing is about fooling the fish into biting what you’re offering.  This changes every day, every year, every lake and education is the only way to keep up. Even if you’re on the water every day there is no way you can keep up with all the changes. That’s where we come in.

Bass Angler is a different breed of magazine.  Our articles will 100% help you catch more bass in more situations. You can learn something new in just a few minutes before heading to the lake.  We have the latest from the top pros and more how-to fishing articles than any two other magazines combined. We’re not full of ads and we don’t rehash old articles it’s all new and only found in Bass Angler Magazine. No matter where you live we’ve got you covered, each issue has 30 articles (spring 2013 articles are listed below) covering the entire country. If that’s not enough each issue has several videos that you can watch on your smart phone or by purchasing Bass Angler App Issues.  Click here if you want to  Sign up Now and get the current Spring Issue plus a free digital edition.

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Here is a video from our Spring issue

Here is what Mike Iaconelli has to say about Bass Angler Magazine


2013 Spring Issue Articles

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Writer Topic 2013 Spring Category
Aaron Lesieur Electrical Bass Fishing Information
David Swendseid Project X Part II Information
Jack Davis Frog Fishing 101 Technique Specific
Jody Only Chris Zaldain Rookie Year Tournament Trail
Jody Only DIY Top Stick Pro Tips Information
Jody Only Fishing a Jointed Swimbait Technique Specific
Jody Only Jacob Wheeler FLW Cup Champion Lifestyle
Jody Only Lowrance GPS Mapping Information
Jody Only Sight fishing with Shaw Grigsby Technique Specific
Jody Only Springtime Cranking Technique Specific
Jody Only Springtime Finesse with Mike Folkestad Season Specific
Jody Only Springtime Strategies with Ish Monroe Season Specific
Jody Only Locating Spring Bass with Iaconelli Season Specific
Jody Only Spring to Summer Tactics with Iaconelli Season Specific
Jody Only Swimbait Rigging Tips Technique Specific
Jody Only Todd Faircloth Shallow Secrets Season Specific
Josh Douglas Catchin’ Springtime Smallies Season Specific
Jud Browder On Stage with Chris Bowes Tournament trail
Marc Marcantonio Waypoints Made easy Part III Information
Mark Fong Catching Bass in Clear Water with Bret Hite Information
Mark Lassagne Spawn to Summer with Bryan Thrift Season Specific
Mike Frisch North Country Bassin Lifestyles
Paul Strege Bedding Bass Breakthrough Seasonal Technique
PJ Pahygiannis The Slider Head Technique Techniques
Richard Ziert The Recipe for More Bass Information
Robert Taylor BASS Tournament Trail Expenses Tournament Trail
Tim Tipton Adjusting to the Weather with KVD Information
Tim Tipton Jerkbait fishing with Mark Menendez Technique Specific
Tim Tipton River Bass with Bill Lowen Seasonal Techniques
Will Petty Catching Bedding Smallies Seasonal Techniques




Season Specific Articles