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BreamBugs focuses its broad selection of bugs and flies on panfish and bass.

With primary emphasis on warm water fly fishing.  BreamBugs recently introduced Pultz Bass Poppers made from balsa wood.  Neal Pultz has been handcrafting poppers from the best balsa wood available for over 25 years.

Made with “hard” balsa wood and coated with epoxy finish and then painted with a high quality durable paint these poppers can withstand a lot of abuse.  The weedless feature allows fly fishers to cast into heavy cover and Lilly pads.  The cupped face produces an audible “bloop” sound to get the attention of the “lunker” bass.

Pultz Poppers are light weight which allows the popper to float high on the water as well as it is easy to cast.  The 1/0 hook insures a firm catch on each strike.  Available in blue over white, black over white, chartreuse and black and a very unique frog design.  See all of the Neal Pultz Popper and Slider creations at
BreamBugs also features poppers and hair rat-mouse flies from Peck’s, Walt’s, BoogleBug, Accardo, Frazier Flies and Turrall.

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