Boat rigging workshop & clinic

If you own boat, whether you bought it brand new and fully rigged, or bought it used and equipped it “piece by piece” over time, how that boat is rigged, and how much you understand about its configuration is critical to your success and/or experience on the water.

But how many of us really know how our boats should be configured and if they are over powered, under powered, or completely out of line with where they should be to perform at their maximum effectiveness?

This Wednesday, April 18th, from 5:30 – 7:30pm, C&C Marine in Citrus Heights, via FPT Tech, will host the first ever, Rigging and Configuration Workshop, design to give you tips and help you understanding proper rigging and configuration of your boat.

This workshop will held in a casual, “question and answer” format, featuring on-site factory trained reps. Some of the items covered in this workshop by on-site factory trained reps will be:

Your Sonar Units (Featuring Len Vinci)

·         Proper placement of units and transducers

·         Proper power considerations

·          Tips for noise reduction

DON’T FORGET !..Bring your Humminbird fish finder and get the software on your unit updated for FREE by a factory trained rep!

Your Trolling Motor (Featuring Len Vinci)

·         Proper rigging

·         Thrust vs. Battery considerations

·         Prop applications

Your Batteries (Featuring Battery Systems rep)

·         Maximizing battery performance

·         Tips for extending your batteries lifecycle

·         Proper maintenance

·          Battery “Group Size” – what’s best for your set up

·         Battery types – Gel vs. Lead Core

·         Battery chargers – Onboard vs. External

After the workshop is over we will also host a FREE raffle for some great prizes such as:

·         A Minn Kota On-Board Battery charger

·         Centennial Deep Cycle Battery

·         Motor Oil

·         A one-day entry into the 2012 Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge

Some come on out and enjoy this one-of-a-kind workshop hosted by the folks a CC Marine, and get your rigs ready to go for a great season of fishing!

See you there!

CC Marine – FPT Tech

CC Marine is located at 7812 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights (916) 729-0590




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