Sequels to Best-Selling Hunting & Fishing Titles Now Available For The Nintendo Wii™

Backed by the enormous popularity and success of its outdoor video game series which saw sales surpass 700,000 on the Nintendo Wii™, Bass Pro Shops, XS Games and Outdoor Partners today announced two all-new sequels – Bass Pro Shops® The Strike: Tournament Edition and Bass Pro Shops® The Hunt: Trophy Showdown – are now available.

The success of the series points to the continued diversification of the video game audience, the popularity of the outdoor video game category, as well as the realism and fun that XS Games and Outdoor Partners have integrated into the gameplay.  Both titles feature custom peripherals and offer outdoor enthusiasts and gamers a rich, new feature set.

“Based on the reception we received for our previous titles from video game fans, hunters and fishermen, we are eager to introduce the next evolution in our Bass Pro Shops® series,“ said Chip Pedersen, President of Outdoor Partners.  “These new versions continue to build on our mission to create large, beautiful environments and to deliver an entirely new authentic hunting and fishing gaming experience like never before.”

For avid fishermen who want to enjoy a fishing challenge when off the lake, as well as gamers looking for the perfect outdoor fishing test, Bass Pro Shops® The Strike: Tournament Edition offers an unparalleled experienced.  It features a new Career Mode that includes for the first time ever, a progressive tournament structure that mimics real life fishing tournaments including a Pre-Fish mode allowing you to scout each lake ahead of time.  The player starts out as a rookie looking to climb the ranks against competitive pros, collecting sponsors, boats and prize money that players can use to upgrade their equipment as they progress. Each tournament features a Sports Ticker to keep you updated on how the competition is doing.

The game features 12 amazing North American lakes – including two exotic hidden lakes, as well as 14 species of fish, over a hundred authentic Bass Pro Shops® lures and a huge selection of rods and reels.  The exclusive fishing pole peripheral is ambidextrous and easily attaches to your Wii controller so you can cast, reel, and jig just like you were out on a real lake.  Each boat is equipped with a fish finder, GPS system and even a radio with a large music library. These tools will help you find the fish and keeps the action hopping – just don’t scare away the lunkers.

For hunters, the only video game qualified to scratch that off-season hunting itch is Bass Pro Shops® The Hunt: Trophy Showdown.  It features 12 large hunting regions, each highlighting different seasons and foliage. Each level takes you on a unique hunt featuring 24 different species, including massive Whitetail, Elk, Moose, Caribou and wild Turkey.  The player also has to stay alert for one-of-kind Legendary animals as well as Dangerous predators hunting you.  Each level also allows the player to hunt a real life record setting King of Bucks ™.

The new Career Mode offers more realistic hunting challenges set in a Last Man Standing tournament structure.  Use calls and scents to lure animals in for the perfect shot.  Explore the large open regions looking for hidden areas that give clues to locations of legendary game. Completing the game unlocks a unique “Hunter’s Paradise” level, where all the animals are record-breakers.

The Bullseye Pro turns your Wii Remote into a 22” Hunting controller making you feel like you’re truly in the field.

Bass Pro Shops® The Hunt: Trophy Showdown also features 5 hunting mini games that support multiplayer so the whole family can enjoy.

Published by XS Games and developed by Outdoor Partners in conjunction with Bass Pro Shops, both the Bass Pro Shops® The Strike: Tournament Edition and Bass Pro Shops® The Hunt: Trophy Showdown are now available at retail outlets nationwide for a suggested retail price of $49.99 for the bundle and $29.99 for the stand-alone software.  More information can be found online at

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