Bass Fishing Secrets – Just For You

Bass has been one of the most favorite fish of fishermen. In fact it has been proven to be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating pastimes. There is not much fuss involved and it is pretty exciting to entice the fish into hitting or bait.  But even then, not all of us have very good records with the fish.  There are a number of things that has to fall in place and that will ensure a successful attempt.  From the fishing tackles to the lures, timing and techniques- a whole lot of things that might intimidate a beginner but not anymore. Here are some great secret tips revealed.

1.       The first secret of successful bass fishermen is patience. Bass are way smarter than the other species of fish you have dealt with and so chances are they will outsmart you. They could be hiding anywhere and you don’t exactly know what their mood could be like. So you have to wait and observe, give yourself time, find out what the fish wants and then make your move.  There are days when the fish will bite on anything you throw and there are also days when it would seem like there are no fish in the water at all! All you have to do is be patient, keep your line in the water and make sure they’re tight- you are bound t get a fish.

2.       You have to somewhat be like James Bond here. Being aware of the surroundings is that one thing that only enhances your bass fishing skills.  The moment something looks suspicious and does not gel with the surroundings is surely going to make the bass suspicious and the fish will run and hide for the rest of the day.  Hence you have to be very attentive and make sure that analyze the fishing spot, check the natural food sources, and the best places where your bait would fit in. You have to be sneaky and quiet.

3.       You have t be a good student and do a little homework. If you know a particular spot, say a lake or something where you want to go catch some fish, study as much as you can about the spot.  Click here to know some great fishing spots. Locating the fish becomes more challenging than actually catching the fish at times so one has to be aware of the probable places where the bass could hide in- the natural and man-made structures like rocks, ledges, banks and grassy areas are your cues.

4.       Timing is indeed everything and it holds true for bass fishing too. You have to know the right time to go after them. Early mornings and late evenings are known to be the best fishing times.  Bass generally avoid staying out in the sun and prefer to stay in cooler places.  It is one reason why fishing on overcast days has produced great results.

5.       Cooler temperatures can be found within the currents- that is your clue. No body of water is completely still and this is a fact that you have to put to use while bass fishing. Bass loves the current because the water here are comparatively cooler and also baitfish team up in this area. When you see baitfish on the surface of the water, start fishing- you will definitely land a fish.

The biggest secret of successful bass fishing is that you have to fish a lot. Also using the right kind of fishing tackle is the key to great fishing. The more you familiarize with the fish and the techniques the more successful you are bound to be. So Good Luck and Tight Lines!




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