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Bass Angler Interactive Magazine

Bass Angler Magazine Interactive

Bass Angler Magazine Interactive

While other magazines are satisfied giving you just a standard print ad, Bass Angler is striving to be a different and better bass magazine.

New and Exciting!

Many print advertisements include a traffic measured QR Tag that links the corresponding product website. Now anglers can scan the Tag with their smart phone and see the product in an instant. Each time the Tag is scanned it is counted, enabling us to find out how effective this program is.


QR Code for Bass Angler's Commercial

In our iPad / iPhone and Android apps these QR tags are live links to either the writers website or the advertisers displayed product.

All in book advertisers (no classifieds) also receive a live iPad / iPhone and Android app link to their website, facebook site, related video and the displayed product.

Articles have QR Tags linking to the writers website, facebook and videos. In the iPad / iPhone and Android apps there are direct links.

This is new technology for the fishing industry and we have only scratched the surface with what we can do.  Being a small publication we have the ability to turn on a dime, changing with the times and bringing you fresh innovative technology today.  We have several new interactive releases scheduled, so stay tuned.


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About Mark

Mark Lassagne, born and raised in California is the creator of the popular, BASS ANGLER magazine. Mark a skillful professional angler, outdoor writer, promoter and top competitor on the western tournament circuits.


  1. Mark says:

    Hi Chris,

    Any issue you have downloaded on you iPod, iPad etc will also be available online @ The website recognizes you when you log in. No issues are free

  2. Chris Pisano says:

    I am a subscriber to the mag and have the BAM app on my ipod touch. I received 1 issue free with the app. Your 09/26/2011 to “Kris” sounds like all e-online are free. Am I missing something?

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Kris,

    Yes but we don’t have any way to include it with a subscription. The apps are done by an outside company and they have to be purchased separately. Here is the link: The good new is if you do have a smart phone and purchase the app the e-online version is free.

    Also you subscribed but didn’t order the current issue would you like us to send it?

  4. Kris says:

    I wish there was a way to read the magazine on my pc like flw and bassmaster lets you do since I dont have a smartphone.

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