BAM WoW: Wednesday on the Water Catchin’ ’em at Camanche

BAM’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne and Delta Guide Aaron LeSieur made their way up to Lake Camanche for this week’s fishin’ trip.  It turned out to be a tough day and the pair wanted to share how they strategized a “plan b and plan c” when the bite wasn’t at its best.

“We had four bites and only got two in the boat,” said Lassagne.

The day started out at 65-degrees and warmed up to the mid-90’s.  The water temp didn’t have as wide of a swing, starting at 74-degrees and peaking at 78.

Lassagne described the day like this;

We began with topwater in the morning. I had on a River2Sea S-Waver and a Rover, in a shad pattern.  We moved on to the West side of the lake, targeting shallow flats and trees and I changed it up and slowrolled a shad bluegill colored Revenge Deep Runner Spinnerbait.

I tried the spinnerbait at the break line, focusing on a drop that went from 10-feet to 30 and I finally picked one up.   We moved over to some islands and hit the steep 40 to 50-foot drops; but we had no luck there and headed toward the mouth of the river.

Continuing with the plan to try different baits and different structures in search of a productive pattern, led us to the plastics.  A 6 1/2-inch, Martens Madness Roboworm was the choice for the drop shot and a Texas rig with a Gamakatsu EWG 3/0 hook, R2S Tungsten weight and glass bead.  Again, we were near the islands, about a quarter mile off the bank at the river inlet. We picked up one 3-lb spot and never got another one.

After picking up the spinnerbait again, I did get a keeper follower and backed it up with a Robo on the drop shot, but still couldn’t get it to go.

“It wasn’t a successful, “load the boat” kind of day; but fishing is often like that,” remarked Lassagne as he summed up the experience.

We took the conditions we were dealt and adapted and changed to try to locate the fish.  We needed to find different water.  We tried more still areas and moving water.  We hit a variety of areas deep and shallow, ledges, rockwalls, grassy flats and steep banks.  We went to sunny and shady locations.  We could have done more planning and checking with local guide and checking into the flows before we started, but we really wanted to just go and use our bass fishing instincts like we have on the previous BAM on the water days.

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