BAM Wow: The Search Turns South

Bass Angler Magazine sets out South for the newest edition of Wednesday on the Water. BAM’s Editor-in-Chief, Mark Lassagne and California Delta Adventures guide Rick Rudd launched at River’s End and made a trek through Middle River, Victoria, then back to Middle River, finding 30 fish for the day.

Lassagne and Rudd spent nine hours on the water, starting out at 6:00 a.m., in 73-degree water.  They saw the water temp rise 3-degrees by 3:00 p.m. and the air temp spike up near the century mark.  At launch it was a low tide and they fished an incoming throughout the day.  Lassagne shared the information below;

We started fishing in Middle River, around Widow’s Island.  Rick had on a buzzbait and got two on it. At first, I tied on a Spook; but I switched to a Black Dog Shell Cracker and everything changed. I got a 3-lb’r on my second cast.  It was an awesome, viscous strike.  I made two more casts and got a 2-lb’r, two more casts got a 1 1/2 lb’r and two more for a keeper that was just about a pound.  It was a great spot for the Shell Cracker; but one downside was the fish kept getting smaller with each cast.

Still in Middle River when the tide went low slack, I got two good bites on a chatterbait; but I missed ‘em.  I also missed four on the Shell Cracker.

We found a few fish on the bank; but most came on the break line in moving current, where it was just banging into the shore.

We hit Victoria, then back to Middle River.  We picked up 15 on a chatterbait and about five on a crankbait. As we were on the way in we got a couple on the rock wall near River’s End.

The day wrapped up with about 30 fish in the boat and our best five going about 17-lbs.  It was a great day with minimal boat traffic.  It was a really hot day with only a light breeze.

Other tips Lassagne passed on;

The Shell Cracker had to be fished real slow.  The bites would come after I would stop the bait for a second during the retrieve.

I used a white and  chartreuse chatterbait with a white, single-tail grub trailer. When retrieving  don’t forget to bump it and rip it through the weeds.

At the end of the day cranking a Jackall MC60 in Crawfish along a riprap bank with fast current we picked up a few fish including a nice 3lber.

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Rick Rudd can be contacted through California Delta Adventures.

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