BAM tackles the Delta with Damiki

With two boats and five anglers, Bass Angler Magazine and Damiki Baits brings the weekly BAM Wow  report from the California Delta.  BAM Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne and Ray from Damiki hit the water  with Delta guide Rick Rudd.  Fishing from the other boat was another Damiki rep Daniel with Delta guide Aaron LeSieur.  The consensus on the day was it was “really, really tough.”

The boats launched at B&W at about 8:00 a.m. and 45-minutes into the trip, they had no fish in the boat. Lassagne stated, “Damiki brought a bag of baits.  We had DC-100’s, Air Craws, Tremors and Mamba Jigs.  Aaron started throwing a DC-100 in Ghost Shad and Real Shad and I had the Tremor 65 Lipless Crank.  That is a really sweet bait.”

He continued, “The boats began in the Mokelumne  and fished through the tide change, which  happened about 11:00 a.m.  Throughout the day, we mostly fished the
outgoing.  The best places were shallow flats.  We got most of our fish with the boat in about 10-ft of water with us casting into 5-ft, 20-yards or so off the bank, was the key.”

The anglers  anglers ended up with over 30 fish between them.  Lassagne reiterated, “it was a slow grind all day and completed the report saying:

We really caught them all crankin’. The crankbaits accounted for 98 percent of the fish we got that day.” They weren’t biting any of the bottom baits; it was all about action bites and the shad colors were predominately the best.  The retrieve had to be very slow, allowing it to bump off the weeds and then stop and let it go back down.  It didn’t seem like the fish were in one place; they moved around, they wanted to chase.

Aaron and Daniel got less fish; but a better quality.  They had three 3-lbr’s and a 2 lb’r.  Their best five went for 13 or 14-lbs. Ray, Rick and I caught more at least 20; but we only had one 3-lb’r and one 2-lb’r.   The rest were small keepers.  Our best five would go about 10-lbs.

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