BAM Sees Salt: An Ocean Adventure

Feeding the NativesBass Angler Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark traded in the bass gear for a couple of days in Cabo. After hitting the road for some south of the border fishing, he gave the following report;

To start our two days of fishing we were out on a beautiful 35-ft boat on emerald blue water. It was so clear, we could see down at least 30-feet. Dolphins and tuna surrounded us, swimming and jumping; it was amazing. The tuna schooled liked stripers on baitfish.

We threw live bait into the school of tuna. You would get one on and wouldn’t know if was 20-lbs or 200-lbs. One would bite and it would just free spool at about 20-mph until we stopped it. They would fight hard, strippin’ line, like stripers on steroids. It was very cool. We got about ten tuna in the boat, a 10 pounder and the rest went 20 to 50-lbs; but the giant was a whopping 170-lbs that took over an hour and a half to land from the “fighting chair”.

Lassagne explained that with all the dolphins intermixed with the tuna they targeted, he was concerned a dolphin would get hooked in the mix. The dolphins never went for the bait; although, other creatures did. The Capt. told him, “The dolphins never eat the bait, they just know not to.”
The second trip was a day for dorado/mahi-mahi fishing. Lassagne talked about the technique used on the 31-ft boat as the traveled 25-miles down the beach within a mile of the shore.

The dorado move in schools. We would troll with a lure until someone hooked into one and then live bait would go overboard. The baitfish were big, at least 8 to 15-inches. We hooked ‘em through the nose and we would start catchin’ ‘em. One guy would always keep one hooked and fighting in the water to keep the school active, while other guys would throw out with another baitfish. We got our limit by 10:30 a.m. and they were all about 10 to 20-lbs. Then we went tuna fishing again.

We had two marlin hit the bait. This was incredible to watch. We could see the fin of the marlin coming towards the boat from 100-yards out. We hooked into one and put a 20 minute fight, gaining ground, rippin’ drag, gaining ground again. In the end, it got off.

We took nearly 200-lbs of fish home with us. We tried it many ways, sashimi, sushi, deep fried, pan fried, and with wasabi…very, very good.
Lassagne reported, “The Pisces Sportfishing crew was very professional and well-equipped with Penn and Shimano gear. I would definitely recommend them”.

If your company is interested in hosting a day on the water with Bass Angler Magazine, contact Lassagne.

BAM Feeds the Natives

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