Balista Delivers The Juggernaut 65

Balista announces the new Juggernaut 65 is Balista’s latest creation – a 65mm L.E.D lipless crankbait. Featuring our patented L.E.D technology plus an internal rattle you can now use more finesse in your approach for targeting fish that prefer a smaller presentation.

Whether you are working the edge of a weedbed or throwing the bait around timber one thing is for sure, the fish have not seen anything like this.

The ‘blood red’ flashing L.E.D in the tail of the lure acts as a bleeding baitfish drawing territorial strikes from even the most dormant fish. If the fish are actually feeding, a perceived wounded baitfish does not last long in the wild.  Fitted out with Gamakatsu hooks and split rings the Juggernaut 65 will ensure you get that trophy fish to the boat for a quick photo.  Order Yours Today

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