Elite Pro Custom Bait Co. Swimbait Heads

Swimbaits have been all the rage in recent years and for good reason; they produce catches of large bass. A key component when selecting a swimbait is to make sure you have the right jig head to match. Two guys in central Kentucky are making swimbait heads that I was fortunate to test out last […]

An old lure with big fish history is back

After several years, I finally lost all of my Rattalurs and couldn’t find them anywhere,” says Monoyoudis. “I did a little research and finally located Phil Yeater and gave him a call in 2007. In a knee-jerk reaction, I offered to buy the company from Phil in an effort to save the Rattalur from going into extinction. We agree on a price and the Rattalur was back on the market.” Monoyoudis has been faithfully producing the original Rattalur through H.C. Baits in White Oak, PA since that time. “I just want to give other young anglers the opportunity to experience the excitement of fishing this amazing topwater lure.” says Monoyoudis.

March Jerkbaits

He does this by filling his kitchen sink with cold water and experiments adding weight to achieve the desired effect. He uses suspend strips or dots under the throat and rubber core sinkers on the front set of treble hooks to help achieve the desired result. He will start with a 1/8 ounce sinker on the front treble hook of the 4 ½-inch bait; if he decides on a larger lure he will go with a ¼-ounce weight. If the bait goes to the bottom when dropped in the cold water, he will take side cutters and trim some weight off the sinker. Once he gets it close to neutral buoyancy, he will add suspend strips or dots to the throat area.

Punisher’s Hail Mary, a new look for a favorite standby

Punisher Lure’s has added a new angle to a football head. It’s new Hail Mary football head is just that….a football head. There is no jig attached. As a matter of fact, it only comes with a split ring, which enables you to customize the lure in a variety of ways. The split ring attaches […]

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