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February 2011 Shepparton, Australia

New lures demand attention, anglers and fish alike react to advances in technology so it is no surprise that the introduction of L.E.D technology in Australia is going to be making a stir with native fish this season. Balista is an Australian company launching a brand new range of lures with their revolutionary new patented L.E.D technology.

The art of deceiving fish with lures is a balance of skill and choosing a lure that can imitate baitfish. Lures that have the most strike factors catch the most fish. A strike factor can be a loud rattle, an enticing swimming action, an attractive paint design etc. The new L.E.D technology make our lures substantially different to any other lure that swim past a fishes nose, with the additional strike factor of the ‘blood red’ flashing L.E.D it can convert fish looking into fish biting.

The Balista range has been worked on tirelessly over the last 2 years to ensure each model is precise for its application. Every lure is built rock solid using the strongest materials to handle the brute force of Australia’s largest fish. From bib to tail the body designs and swimming actions have been carefully selected from many to ensure they have an enticing baitfish action.

Each lure comes with lithium batteries that last an impressive 120+ hours, just cast the lure into the water and the L.E.D starts flashing. The lure de-energizes when removed from the water which turns the L.E.D off automatically.
There is a range of models to target Australian natives from Murray Cod to Barramundi plus many other Freshwater and Saltwater species.

To view our full range of lures or to find your local dealer please visit our website.

For more information please contact James Dainton – Managing Director, Balista Lures.

T: 1300 334 741

About Balista:

Balista is an Australian company that has developed a brand new range of lures featuring our revolutionary new patented L.E.D technology. Balista strives to produce the most innovative and effective lures available whilst providing excellent value for money products. All products are designed by Australian fishermen specifically for Australian conditions. Located in Shepparton, Balista maintains its local feel whilst still providing fishermen the quality and service of a large brand. 

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