Annual BASS BOAT project and TESTs Coming Soon!

BASS ANGLER Magazine’s Annual BASS BOAT project and TESTs Coming Soon!

Bass Angler Magazine is excited to bring you an in-depth focus on industry tournament rigs.  Our efforts will be spent ascertaining practical usage of “stock” tournament rigs.  We will look at efficiency, handling and applications for real fishing conditions.  Like in any product, sometimes there’s a lot of hype and other times mind-blowing innovation.

Whatever the claim, we will be fishing through the angles to see what our boat manufactures truly have to offer.  No matter what is purported we want to leave our readers and prospective buyers with intelligible, grounded insight.

From our tour anglers, to our beginning bassers, all will have real information to assess.

This year 2012 we have selected the new Legend’s Apha 211 to study from tip to transom.  A 20 foot, 11 inch bassboat, with a 94 inch beam. We heard interesting things about the 211’s running surface.

Yamaha Marine (North America) was selected as the power plant to work with.

Although, this craft comes with an unlimited horse power rating, we selected to mate the new Yamaha SHO 250.  Rumors about big efficiency, big displacement and big power were mentioned.

Look for our annual boat project:  The Legend-Yamaha SHO coming to you soon.

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