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An International move for Bass Angler Magazine

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With their base of operations in the West Coast, the print publication Bass Angler Magazine follows up their unprecedented start to 2011 with International news and record-breaking sales.

Earlier in the month, “the bass fishing magazine that is written and run by bass anglers for bass anglers” boasted their new place on the shelves at Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain and only few short days later a large Canadian order was confirmed for 1,000 plus copies of each issue.

As the first few weeks of the year provided a 40% expansion in BAM’s overall distribution, the magazine also made history at home.

Their current release, Winter 2011 featuring Punchmaster, Bub Tosh making his blow up on the water is the first issue in the 20-year history of the publication to sell out directly after printing.

With request after request for a copy of the newest edition of Bub busting through the muck going unfilled at the Sacramento stop of the International Sportsmen Expo, Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne has had an additional 200 copies printed and shipped to New Orleans especially for the upcoming 2011 Bassmaster Classic in Louisiana.

When asked what he thinks is behind the explosive start to the year for BAM, Lassagne stated, “Our active marketing of big-box stores and chain retailers is paying off”.  He continued to say, “The magazine is about catching more and bigger bass and that speaks for itself with the lowest ad percentage and highest article content of any fishing magazine out there; always over 30 articles in every issue”.

For anglers still looking for the Winter 2011 issue to see what the buzz about Bub is all about, a list of retailers that received original shipments of the copy is available here. Call first; many merchants are reporting an immediate sell-out of the winter release.

Lassagne invites everyone to the Bass Angler Magazine booth at the Classic, February 18-20.

For more information on the magazine or to subscribe, contact the Bass Angler Magazine website.

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