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American Bass Anglers announced today a marketing partnership with The partnership will create additional benefits for new and renewing ABA members. has already created a huge buzz in the industry for its marketing platform that educates anglers and introduces them to the latest fishing, tackle & techniques, while helping companies become more effective marketers and ultimately sell more product.

Starting September 1, new and renewing members will several additional benefits from ABA and including:

·         Free Membership

·         $100 in gift cards per year

·         $25 worth of  free tackle

·         ABA member-s only access to fishing reports & tournament data

·         Qualify for special drawings including an annual free trip to Ray Scott’s private lake

·         Affinity partner program

“It simply a win-win for the members and for as little as $15 they get $100 in gift cards, $25 in free tackle and could realize as much as a $1,000 in total value from a one year membership,” said David Hagood, American Bass Anglers vice president. “This is the most generous membership package ever put together for a membership group. The approach will connect our anglers to even more great programs as we move forward and we are looking forward to what is will bring for the ABA member.”

“The program we are creating for ABA will deliver an unprecedented amount of benefits to a huge number tournament anglers and will help differentiate the ABA from every other tournament trail,” said Rick Patri, Vice President Operations at   “We’ve got an opportunity to leverage the technology we have at our disposal to do something never seen before in this industry and we’re excited that a group like the ABA is forward thinking enough to stay ahead of everyone else that simply does the same thing that they’ve done year, after year, after year. “

About American Bass Anglers

ABA was formed in 1974 as the Military Bass Anglers Association and continues its pledge to offer low-cost, close-to-home tournaments to all weekend anglers nationwide. In addition to the newly named Weekend Bass Tour, ABA offers the American Fishing Tour, the American Couples Series and Military Team Bass Tournaments. For information about ABA, contact David Hagood, vice president, , (256) 232-0406

To learn more about this program visit

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