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Focusing on the future, Bass Angler has fast become the nations most innovative and informative bass fishing magazine.

Bass Angler caters to the bass fishing enthusiast; the angler who fishes 20, 30, 100 days a year.  The majority of our readers own a bass boat, over 10 rods and reels and spend more than $500 a year on tackle.

Our readers are not just eyeballs scanning through the pages, they are engaged readers interested in products and information that can help them become better at bass fishing.


Bass Angler currently circulates over 35,000 copies per issue and is available in print, e Book and mobile app platforms. Bass Angler Magazine is available at over 3000 locations including: Tackle Warehouse, BassPro, Gander Mountain, Cabela’s, Walmart, K Mart, West Marine, Borders, Hastings and at a host of tackle dealers.

Per Issue:
Newsstands: 20,000 copies in 3000 newsstands
Subscribers: 3500 copies
Tackle Shops: 1000 copies 50 independent tackle dealer
App Users: 200,000 downloads with over 50,000 app users 10,000+ unique users per month – Alexa Ranking over 79,000+ fans

Advertisers benefit from our long shelf life, low ad to content ratio, competitive CPM’s and an excellent audience.

Partnering with Bass Angler is just that. We appreciate your business and go the extra mile to make sure your ad dollars are utilized wisely, stretched across our multiple media platforms.

Bass Angler does not publish advertorials; however, we do provide our advertisers extra exposure by:

  • Products displayed in the product showcase
  • Product images and logos used when possible
  • Products linked for purchase in our app edition
  • Product videos linked in print and app versions
  • Company press releases posted on our website
  • Company promos posted on our social media sites
  • Participation in Bass Angler promos
  • Articles with your national pro staff anglers

Our articles are a blended mix of: seasonal patterns, tournament tactics, seasonal tactics, bass science, destinations and a little bit of lifestyle.

Jan – March – Cold weather to pre-spawn bass fishing
April – June – Spawning to early summer bass fishing
July – September – Summer to early fall bass fishing
October – December – Fall to winter bass fishing

More Anglers Read Magazines

BASS ANGLER, published four times year: December, March, June and September offers low-cost, high-yield advertising for companies targeting  bass anglers. If you take a closer look you will see Bass Angler Magazine offers angler’s a different read. The majority of our angler’s read Bass Angler cover to cover meaning your ad will have more exposure  for the same ad dollars as other publications.

Many companies look at purchasing advertising in a way that doesn’t necessarily conform to our model.  If a publication focuses on advertising as it’s main source of revenue then they will distribute as many units as possible without regard to the quality of the readers or cost of the publication, it’s only eyeballs. Unfortunately these number are diluted because the audience quality is less, equaling a lower readership even with a much higher overall distribution. Since our focus is on content, then add in the fact that we cap our advertising at 25% our advertisers see less competition with a higher quality audience.


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