Publication Schedule

BASS ANGLER Magazine is published quarterly following the seasonal changes. Below are the schedules for each issue.

Winter Issue

  • On Sale Dates: Dec 30 to March 30
  • Mailed to Subscribers: Dec 15 to Dec 30 (gap mailing Feb 5-15)
  • Subscriber Cutoff to Receive this Magazine: Dec 1st
  • Article Submission Deadline: Sept 1 Advertisement Space Reservation: Oct 1
  • Advertisement Artwork Deadline: Oct 20
  • Goes to Print: Nov 10

Spring Issue

  • On Sale Dates: March 30 to June 30
  • Mailed to Subscribers: March 15 to March 30 (gap mailing May 5-15)
  • Subscriber Cutoff to Receive this Magazine: March 1st
  • Article Submission Deadline: Dec 1
  • Advertisement Space Reservation: Jan 1
  • Advertisement Artwork Deadline: Jan 20
  • Goes to Print: Feb 10

Summer Issue

  • On Sale Dates: June 30 to Sept 30
  • Mailed to Subscribers: June 15 to June 30 (gap mailing Aug 5-15)
  • Subscriber Cutoff to Receive this Magazine: June 1st
  • Article Submission Deadline: March1
  • Advertisement Space Reservation: April 1
  • Advertisement Artwork Deadline: April 20
  • Goes to Print: May 10

Fall Issue

  • On Sale Dates: Sept 30 to Dec 30
  • Mailed to Subscribers: Sept 15 to Sept 30 (gap mailing Nov 5-15)
  • Subscriber Cutoff to Receive this Magazine: Sept 1st
  • Article Submission Deadline: June 1
  • Advertisement Space Reservation: July 1
  • Advertisement Artwork Deadline: July 20
  • Goes to Print: Aug 10

On sales dates, is the date range the magazine is displayed at retail locations for sale.

Mailed to subscribers, is the date range we deliver the issue to the post office. We mail periodical rate and delivery times vary widely depending on where you live and how fast the post office gets your issue out.

Gap Mailing, is an in-between mailing where we mail to subscribers that have signed up after the subscriber cut off and before the next issue mailing.

Subscriber cutoff to receive this magazine: if you subscribed or renewed before this date you will receive this issue in the mail. If you subscribe after the cut off but before the gap mailing you will be mailed the current issue in our gap mailing.

Article submission deadline, is the deadline for our writers to submit their article to be included in this issue.

Advertisement submission deadline, is the date in which we need the advertising artwork for the corresponding issue.

Advertisement space reservation, this is the date we need to know which advertisements will be in the corresponding issue.

Advertisement artwork deadline, this is the last date to submit advertising artwork for the issue

Goes to print, this is the date we send the magazine to printer.

Note: We have never missed a print or mailing deadline!

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