Q: I saw the new issue in the local tackle shop why haven’t I receive my copy yet?

A: In an effort to get the magazines out as fast as possible once arrive at our distribution center we ship them all out right away. Subscribers are sent US mail (periodical rate), Tackle shops are sent FedEx, Newsstands are sent FedEx or a Pool Shipper to their respective distribution centers. Foreign and Premium subscribers copies are sent from San Ramon – Copies are sent FedEx to San Ramon then mail out First Class. (ETA – Subscribers two to five weeks, Tackle Shops one to five days, Newsstands three to five weeks, Foreign two to six weeks, Premium one to two weeks)

Q: Can I get my magazine the same time as the tackle shops?

A: No, sorry subscriber copies are mailed USPS periodical rate which takes form one to three weeks, plus there is mailing list processing time. Tackle shop issues are sent as bulk order via Fed X taking one to three days. We don’t see any reason to hold orders.

Q: Why does the magazine cost $7.95 when other magazines cost less?

A: Because good magazines cost more to produce. If we filled the magazine with advertisements our goal would be to send out as many as possible for as cheap as possible so the advertisers had to pay more not caring how good the articles are.  In Bass Angler Magazine you will find more great articles and less ads than any other magazine. Our goal is to provide you a good resource to improve your bass fishing not a vehicle to sell only advertising.

Q:  I just subscribe to BASS ANGLER when will I receive my issue?

A: The schedule is listed here on our  Publication Schedule page.

Q: Can I start my subscription with the current issue or back-start my subscription?

A: Yes use this special link to start with the current issue you can also order back issues here.

Q: How long does it take receive the magazine in the mail?

A: Using USPS periodical rate is dependent on each post office, they advertise 3thre to five days; however, we’ve noticed it can take up to five weeks.

Q: How do you mail the magazine?

A: We use the USPS Periodical rate which is a bulk rate method of mailing

Q: I moved will I still receive my magazine?

A: Yes, only if you have filled out a USPS change of address or notified us. We run the subscriber list through a service that advises us of any address that have been changed. If you did not file a change of address we are charged a fee and the magazine is destroyed by the post office.

Q: I received a renewal notice after I’ve already paid for my subscription?

A: If you renewed your subscription it will be entered into our system and will extend your subscription.

Q: How many issues will I receive with my subscription?

A: You will receive four issue for each year you subscribed (1 yr =4 issues , 2yrs =8 issues etc.)

Q: I paid my subscription already and  I received a notice that says I have an outstanding balance?

A: Once in a while the payments are not applied to an invoice. If this happens give us a call and we can fix it in just a couple minutes. (925) 362-3190

Q: What is a Bill Me Later subscription?

A: Bill me later is not a free or trial offer.

Bill Me Later subscriptions are entered into the system; an invoice is generated and mailed to you.

Subscriptions received (Bill Me Later or Paid) are both entered into the system to receive the next issue.

Once you receive the invoice your timely payment is appreciated. If you wish to cancel please let us know right away so we can remove you from the system.  Help us continue to build a good magazine instead of spending our time with excessive bookkeeping.

Q: I received an invoice but never got a magazine?

A: We do not send a free magazine before an an invoice is paid.  However, as a courtesy we will mail you the next published copy assuming the invoice we sent will be paid.  Note: we are a small magazine company and can not afford to send free copies or multiple invoices to those who do not pay.  If you received an invoice please pay it or inform us that you would like to cancel because we want to provide a great magazine and not a bookkeeping service.

If you have a question submit it through the contact us page

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