5.11 Tactical® and Outtech create Partnership to Serve the Outdoor Industry

Modesto, CA – 5.11 Tactical®, global innovators of tactical gear, has joined forces with Outtech Inc.,sales and marketing specialists in the outdoor industry. This partnership enables 5.11 Tactical® to continue improving their presence in outdoor channels. Tom Davin, CEO of 5.11 Tactical® explains: “5.11 Tactical®’s primary focus will always be to serve the most demanding law enforcement, military, fire and EMS professionals. The 5.11 Tactical® innovations that have formed the foundation of our brand with these professionals also create ‘pull’ from the broader outdoor segment. Outtech’s capabilities in the outdoor industry create the perfect synergy between 5.11 brand and its market demand.”

Established in 1989, Outtech has a strong reputation in the outdoor industry for branding, international and national sales, marketing, product development and training. President Jay Scholes states, “Outtech is dedicated to growing and expanding the 5.11 brand in the 30 billion dollar per year outdoor market. Our expertise and passion for the outdoors combined with 5.11’s quality products and outdoor roots will create a strong partnership and expand 5.11’s presence in our market.”

5.11 Tactical has a mountain climbing heritage. The term ‘5.11’ comes from the Yosemite Decimal System that rated rock climbs by class and grade. In the early years of the system, a “5.11” rating was assigned to the most difficult level of technical climbing– requiring skill, strength and technique. That aspiration led Liz and Royal Robbins to introduce the 5.11® Pant to the outdoor industry in 1977 as part of the Royal Robbins clothing line. When the clothing company sold, 5.11 Tactical was spun off and created a product line and company based upon the 5.11® Pant.

Learn more about 5.11’s tactical clothing, uniforms, station-wear, outerwear, footwear and accessories at www.511tactical.com.

About 5.11 Tactical Series®
Headquartered in Modesto, California, 5.11 Tactical® is an innovator of tactical gear that enhances the performance and safety of law enforcement, military, fire and EMS professionals worldwide. Built on a foundation of durability and quality that began with the original 5.11 Pant 30 years ago, 5.11 Tactical’s 300 team members continue to work closely with public safety and military professionals to identify unmet needs and problems that can be addressed through innovation.





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