2013 Fishlife Bass Tour Schedule

The Fishlife Bass Tour comes back in 2013 with the strongest schedule yet. We are fishing from Jordan to Wheeler this year and keeping it all simple. No membership fees, no points, no championship. We are keeping it fun, just show up and fish.

Once again we will be featuring the
Fishlife Water Weigh In System

The Fishlife Water Weigh In System has been built according to the guidelines developed for water weigh ins by Shimano. This system has been developed to be the most fish friendly weigh in system to date and is endorsed by Ray Scott, Forrest Wood, and many other names and companies in the fishing industry. All though it is hard to maintain a 100% survival rate we strive for this number at every tournament and put all of the effort we can into helping insure the survival of the fish and place them back into the water better than we receive them.

The whole point of the system is to keep the fish in cool, oxygen rich water the whole time during the weigh in process to reduce the stress placed on the fish and the oxygen deprivation they experience during the weigh in process. So come on out and help support the most conservation focused tournament series in Alabama!




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