Scanlon cranks in first win

The Monkey Island, Okla., pro caught both shallow and deep fish today.
“I am just covering a ton of water,” he said. “That is the key to it because the fish are so scattered out. I can catch one here and one there, and then it is three hours without a bite. I probably caught only seven or eight keepers, but it was just a tremendous grind. I caught my big one (a 6-pounder) on the last cast I made. ”
The biggest bass of the day was weighed in by Cypress, Texas, pro James Kiser, who had a 6-15 largemouth. The fish bolstered his 19-10 limit of largemouth, helping him move into second place.

Earbones Accurately Record a Fish’s Life Travels

The study provides a reliable method that compliments traditional fish tracking techniques and may allow biologists to investigate non-native species invasions, identify important populations, and quantify life histories of freshwater fishes in river networks. The article, “Estimating westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi) movements in a river network using strontium isoscapes,” can be viewed online.

Duo of female anglers breaking new ground in LAPR bass fishing series

“At every tournament, there are women cheering for me, even if they don’t know me,” Bradley said. “I believe these are women who would like to compete and I know some of them are motivated after seeing me do it. A couple of them have thanked me and said that they decided to start fishing tournaments because of me.”

A-Rigs or Swimbaits..which will take down big Folsom bass?

Tony Koregalos who finished high in last year’s event with a monster bag of bass that went over twenty pounds, is looking forward to the event and a chance at a repeat performance. “We know a lot of teams that will be throwing A-rigs all day, but not us. A-rigs may get you a check, but we are not looking for second place or anything else like that…we’re looking for the win – and that means we will be throwing big swimbaits”.

Smiles on their faces-that’s what happens at

Collins Lake has been our host since the beginning and provides a wonderful environment for the camp. The support we have received from fellow bass fishermen is one of the most important elements of the success of the camp. We continue to need your support.

Boat rigging workshop & clinic

If you own boat, whether you bought it brand new and fully rigged, or bought it used and equipped it “piece by piece” over time, how that boat is rigged, and how much you understand about its configuration is critical to your success and/or experience on the water. But how many of us really know […]

The decline of a great smallmouth bass fishery

if we want to see a rebound in the fishery and in the tourism and recreation economy that’s been built on it. We appreciate the leadership exhibited by the Fish & Boat Commission as we look to them and the DEP to help tackle our water-quality problems.

Kompak Craw by Evolve

The Kompak Craw provides the angler with a bait that has a large enough profile to get the attention of big fish in dirty water, but at the same time can be pitched into the thickest cover without getting hung up. It’s forward facing leg and claw design allow the bait to be skipped and […]

WaveSpin adds MicroWave Guide System

“I’ve wanted to perfect the dynamics of the cast and ‘ stop’ the line’s wide helical — the corkscrew spiraling — and eliminate the distance robbing line slap as it goes through the first, second and successive guides,” said Hannon also known as “The Bass Professor.”

GEICO anglers come up short on Lake Norman

Catching a lot of bass wasn’t the problem this weekend for GEICO anglers Teddy Carr and Christiana Bradley. Landing Lake Norman’s monster fish was the issue at the second Bass Pro Shops Southern Open of the year. “This lake is always a little crazy,” Carr said. “I caught some 13-inch (under size) fish that were […]

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