Polygraph tests given to the winners, Billy Skinner and Shaun Bailey

We had very difficult questions for the polygrapher to ask and pursue. We had the questions not only about the final Havasu Classic but the events qualifying for the Havasu Classic.

Texan Keith Combs Wins TTBC Title in Sudden-Death

“Unbelieveable,” Iaconelli said after the weigh-in that determined they’d have a sudden-death fish-off for the first 14-inch bass. “My stomach is in knots. I want to throw up.”

$2.1 Million in Funding for…

Grant and loan applications are submitted to the Department of Boating and Waterways and funding for approved projects is derived from the taxes paid by boaters on the purchase of vessel gasoline and the repayment of principal and interest on department-made loans.

Omni-Heat™ Squall Line™ Parka & Bib Big

By retaining and reflecting body heat, this
innovative thermoregulation solution delivers industry-leading comfort without adding unnecessary bulk, so you
can bait, cast, and reel your way through every weather pattern.

BAM Sees Salt: An Ocean Adventure

Feeding the NativesBass Angler Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark traded in the bass gear for a couple of days in Cabo. After hitting the road for some south of the border fishing, he gave the following report; To start our two days of fishing we were out on a beautiful 35-ft boat on emerald blue water. It […]

Electronic Duck Stamp

NAWCA has served as a cost-effective, match-based wetlands conservation program that generates $3.20 of non-federal dollars for every one dollar invested. Sutherland explained that “both the federal duck stamp and NAWCA provide ways to properly conserve wetlands across the country, making these programs an essential and related part of the way waterfowl habitat are protected and funded.”

U.S. Secretary of the Interior and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Director to…

Conserving habitat in the Prairie Pothole Region is one of DU’s top priorities, because the region plays a central role in sustaining healthy duck populations. The Dakota Grassland Conservation Area will conserve up to 240,000 acres of wetlands and 1.7 million acres of grasslands in the Dakotas through conservation easements. More than 800 landowners in North and South Dakota have expressed an interest in conservation easements with DU

Interior Department’s Bay-Delta Negotiations

nterior should immediately rescind this flawed MOA and work instead to establish a successful BDCP process that is transparent and based on parity, and that genuinely puts the restoration of the Bay-Delta and its fisheries, the needs of local communities, and the quality of local water resources on par with other water supply goals.”

A test for the best

Classic qualifiers will face during this final chapter of the 2011 season

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